What actually is Easy Outdesk. Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who supports your business services online in a range of excellence and expertise. They work virtually for you supporting service ranges from website development and maintenance, marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), content writing, graphic design, link building, and especially expertise from real estate background. Easy Outdesk VA delivers services through us for a monthly retainer.

How and from where should I start with Easy Outdesk Inc for my VA?

For the start, you can reach us by our toll-free hotline or email of one of our managers and acquaint them with a detailed description of your requirements and your expectations, also your queries. We will immediately allot a VA who possesses the experience, qualifications to meet your requirements and satisfy your expectations. The more detailed your proposal, the better we can link you with the most qualified VA on our side to fit your demands.

How can I know for sure that the alloted VA for me is competent?

Every virtual assistants hired by Easy Outdesk are put to test with a series of examinations and interviews, and they must successfully pass this rigourous pre-employment screening process with excellence. Assigned VA should login at their respective pods at the office premises with round the clock power & internet backup. Also the whole VA team is monitored by a Project Head to make sure every client’s requirement is met

Is hiring a VA economical than a full-time employee?

Its crystal clear that utilizing one of our Vas is going to save you money, added you can concentrate on your core business and can dump up your administrative tasks and you are going to pay a fixed salary for their services. Overtime is possible, but only on your command. There are no other masked or hidden fees involved. Employing someone on a full-time basis makes you amenable for all kinds of added costs such as federal and state payroll taxes, FICA, unemployment insurance, vacation pay, employee benefits and training costs is saved here. Also you need not have concern regarding paying for any additional office space or equipment cost for furniture, computers, etc. Easy Outdesk takes care of these

As VAs can be overseas. Will this lead to any communication problems ?

Easy Outdesk Considers communication as a barrier on two factors

  • Language Barrier
  • Lagging of Field Experience

We overcome the former one by hiring a experienced call centre staff who posses strong communication skills in assisting end users from US & Canada.

When comes to the later, Easy Outdesk hire not only graduate but also experienced top notch techy who can understand the clients requirement and provides flawless assistance. Added these VAs are monitored by a Project head.

Is it possible to avail skilled technical support for my website as most Virtual Assistant companies offer only administrative and secretarial support.

Doubtlessly YES! As we have a VA team of all expertise logging in everyday who can handle any task not only yours also other client’s tasks without a halt.

How come can I precisely track the time and status of the task of my Virtual Assistant?

Every Task provided by the client is discussed by the project head on the time it consumes. With this client can have an Idea about the time consumed and time remaining. Added the VAs are instructed to touchbase upon request. Also every VAs are entitled to send a summary of daily work report to the project head to ensure the VAs availability

How can I trust that my intellectual property is safe, secure and kept confidential?

At Easy Outdesk we acknowledge that trust is THE most vital factor in the relationship with our clients. Hence, we take all the means to ensure and entrust you that your intellectual property is guarded and safe with us. Prior to employment, all our VAs are subjected to read, understand and sign a Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreement. We also abide by a strict Moral Code that our VAs must adhere to it or face dismissal and withheld salaries